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Exacerbation of Headache by Lifestyle Changes Common to Pregnancy: Is Pregnancy Bound to Worsen Neurological Conditions?

book_2 Source: AHSAM 2020 - Poster session Published on September 11, 2020
calendar_today Published on Medfyle: August 2020
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Key messages

  • This analysis determined the prevalence of primary headache disorders among pregnant women seeking care in a women’s neurology clinic, and investigated if and how frequently key lifestyle factors were inquired about or addressed in pregnancy-related visits.
  • Headache constitutes a major complaint and is the most common disorder of the nervous system, found to be prevalent in 74% of overall women in our study and constituting 51% of the reason for scheduling a visit during pregnancy.
  • Among pregnant women actively seeking care for headache plus another neurological chief complaint, 86% had at least one lifestyle factor was reportedly worsened; identification and counseling these lifestyle factors was suboptimal, as even though these factors are potentially modifiable, only 50%-62% of pregnant women who actively sought care for headaches were inquired about lifestyle changes commonly experienced in pregnancy.
Presenting Author
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Karin S. Ludwig, MD
Clinical Research Assistant
Needham, Massachusetts

Karin S. Ludwig, MD, is a Clinical Research Assistant at the Lifespan Clinical Research Center at Rhode Island Hospital, Providence RI. She will be a neurology resident (PGY1) in July 2020 at the Westchester Medical Center in Valhalla NY. Her research interests include primary headache, memory and dementia, and sleep disorders.

Author disclosures
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Karin S. Ludwig, MD: I do not have any relevant financial / non-financial relationships with any proprietary interests.