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Cardiovascular Safety of Erenumab in Patients with Migraine and Aura

book_2 Source: AHSAM 2020 - Poster session Published on August 27, 2020
calendar_today Published on Medfyle: August 2020
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Key messages

  • This study evaluated the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular safety of erenumab in patients with migraine and aura by post hoc safety analysis of pooled data from four double-blind, placebo-controlled erenumab studies and their open-label extensions
  • Overall safety profiles were similar across treatment groups during the double-blind treatment phase regardless of aura history
  • Cardiovascular, cerebrovascular, and hypertension adverse event rates through the open-label treatment phase were low with no differences between aura subgroups
Presenting Author
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Jeffrey J. Olearczyk, PhD
Senior Medical Science Liaison
Thousand Oaks, California

Jeffrey Olearczyk is a Senior Medical Science Liaison at Amgen and supports the neurosience franchise. He received a PhD in Pharmacology and Physiology from Saint Louis University School of Medicine and completed his fellowship at The Medical College of Georgia. Prior to Amgen Jeff was a research scientist in academia and pharma in positions in early drug development and business development.

Author disclosures
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Jeffrey J. Olearczyk, PhD: I do not have any relevant financial / non-financial relationships with any proprietary interests.