The First Real-World Experience with Bigfoot Unity–A Three-Month Retrospective Analysis

book_2 Source: ADA 2022 - Poster session
calendar_today Published on Medfyle: June 2022
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Key messages

  • Bigfoot Unity is an interconnected smart pen cap diabetes management system incorporating continuous glucose monitoring, real-time alerts, and clinician-directed dose recommendations.
  • Retrospective analysis on an initial cohort (N=49) with insulin-requiring diabetes managing multiple daily doses of insulin (MDI) for 90 days.
  • Mean glucose management indicator (GMI) after 3 months’ use was 7.5, and mean time-in-range was 59.1%.
  • For people using MDI with suboptimal glycemic control, using the system has the potential for rapid and durable improvement in glycemic control.

Presenting Author

Bantwal Baliga

Eost Alabama Endocrinologu, Opelika, AL