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Migraine as a Risk Factor for Dementia: A National Register-based Follow-up Study

book_2 Source: AHSAM 2020 - Oral session Published on October 2, 2020 | NEW
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This is a highlights summary of an oral session given at the AHSAM 2020 Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting and presented by:

Sabrina Islamoska, PhD
Postdoc Researcher University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, Hovedstaden, Denmark Slides

The content is produced by Infomedica, the official reporting partner of ASHAM 2020 Virtual Annual Scientific Meeting. The summary text was drafted by Goldcrest Medical Writing, reviewed by Marco Vercellino, MD, an independent external expert, and approved by Jessica Ailani, MD, FAHS and Mark J. Burish, MD, PhD, the scientific editors of the program.

The presenting authors of the original session had no part in the creation of this conference highlights summary.

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